A different type of company

What's with the name?

You're probably wondering why we decided on the word Savage to describe our company. It's pretty simple actually because we are more than just a company, more than just Coffee and Tea. We are a brand; a lifestyle; a community for regular everyday people like us. That statement may not make us trendy, but it's something we can live with. Like most Americans, we prefer to just be hard working, brutally awesome humans who always root for the underdog. That one person who is willing to step out their comfort zone and put it all on the line in order to take on the odds. Around here we actually celebrate them for going for it. At Savage it's more about putting the work in, it's about knowing that you gave it your absolute best effort regardless of the outcome. It’s all about the famous American Grit that made this country the envy of the world.


It is a slang term that means brutal but awesome/cool, badass, or hardcore. It is used to describe someone or something that did something that requires a lot of courage, so it is awesome.

So what makes us different?

First of all, we're from New Jersey; so expect us to just tell it how it is, no sugar, no flavor, no filter added. Secondly, as most companies only worry about the dollar and cents of things, we are here for our community. Don’t get us wrong, we are not a non-profit, we are here to make money. However, from day one, we have decided that we will give a quarter of our yearly profits away to help benefit one the many causes we feel deeply about. Our causes will range in supporting the military, our first responders, the environment, educating about autism and the battle against cancer. We have started developing programs for each one of those causes and we can't wait to share them with you. Join our newsletter or one of our social media pages to stay up to date on them.


Many people feel that the wolf symbolizes freedom, resourcefulness, with the ability to adapt, even under the most dire circumstances. Regardless of whether the wolf stands alone or with its pack; it demands your attention.

Family Owned

You read that right, we are and always will be a family owned business. We are not looking to put a coffee shop on every corner, 1 or 2 locations will be about our speed. We prefer to focus on getting the process right and provide you with the best tasting product we can. Like most Americans, we rather enjoy our morning coffee with our family and friends. Whether it’s at the breakfast table, out on the trail, at the job site, or even the campsite, we can probably all agree that coffee is best served without Free WiFi and coffee-snobs.

blue and em·er·ald:

Ever notice our wolf has two different colored eyes? Well there is a very personal reason for that. Within our own family, we are battling cancer. The blue represents the fight against colon cancer; while the emerald color represents the fight against liver cancer.

Why so much?

If you’re like me, in the back of mind, your subconscious is screaming “BULLS**T!!!”. Why in the world would a small family owned Coffee and Tea company want to give away so much? Well that part is easy and we will explain why; but the part we struggle with most, is why don’t more companies do the same?  I don’t know why they don’t but I will tell you why we are…   

Our family has witnessed a lot over the years, even now we don’t have the need to look too far back into our own lives in order for you to understand. A few years ago my wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer which also spread to her liver. By all accounts, we could have lost her, but my family has been blessed since the day we found out. Her doctors, our family, our community, have all been there to help us get through some of our darkest days. When we have needed it, they have given us more than we ever expected. A shoulder to cry on, a drink to take the edge off, even a job when I had lost mine with while my wife was recovering from surgery in a hospital bed. Our community rallied around us; inspiring us to never throw in the towel and we never have.  

Now it’s our turn to pay it forward and put our money where our mouth is...


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